The Dalmatian is cheerful and active, playful and gentle, a good companion dog, devoted to family and good with children. It is tough and a good dog for sports people. The breed barks very little and is somewhat wary of strangers is not usually an aggressive dog but warns you when something is wrong, protecting the owner if necessary, is intelligent and moderately obedient, their education should begin early and the owner must show from the beginning who is the leader.

The Dalmatian needs regular exercise to spend its energy, its coat is simple and requires only one treatment: regular brushing to remove dead hair. The breed is considered very healthy, but may be subject to problems of congenital deafness, this problem can be avoided with the conscious choice of puppy and parents of the litter. Dalmatians are always born as whites, black or liver spots only appear over time.

BEING a Dalmatian is to...
- Attract admiring glances with its beauty
- Sport elegance
- To be electric by nature
- Be in need of a lot of movement
- Spread joy wherever you go
- Always be ready for running and walking
- Be playful, gentle, sociable and gentle with children
- Have an affinity for horses
- Be wary of strangers, and warn his presence, barking alert
- Live well with other animals
- Be rustic, clean and have a sound health
- Love car rides
- Enjoy the company of the owner
- Live well at home

Read here the FCI Breed Standard for the Dalmatian.