Welcome to the Dalsfort website, we are specialized in developing and improving the Dalmatian breed in Brazil. In 2006 due to our great love and admiration to the breed, we decided to begin a small, select and rigorous breeding of the breed.

We look for dogs that are according to the official breed standard, aiming for not only structure, but also the health and ideal temperament of the Dalmatian.

Our dogs take part in dog shows, have CBKC/FCI pedigrees, are always followed by their vets and have a balanced diet. They are first and foremost family members and therefore we do not have litters frequently, all of our breedings are studied and made with the sole purpose of improving the breed and not to sell. And that is why we do not have puppies all through the year, we prioritize quality and not quantity.

Feel free to get in touch with us and to know more about us.

Rachel Fradique
+55 (85) 8808.0209